Metis Hyperion S/S2


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9 channel, wireless control LED lamp (Bluetooth)

Metis Hyperion S is the latest generation of lamp based on proven and very popular lamp - Metis Hyperion R2.

It is equipped with our newest Hyperion S LED panel made in SMT technology(NO WHITE LEDs).

"S" stands for shallow as the new LED panels gives off a remarkable turquoise blue color replicating the tropical sun shimmering in the shallow reefs of Bali.

Metis Hyperion S lamps can easily penetrate water over 30" deep.

Metis Hyperion S is available in 3 sizes covering a wide range of tanks. See specs and coverage details below. SMT (Square Matrix Technology) provides the perfect mix of colors all LED channels and an extraordinary visual experience - very strong shimmer at the bottom of the aquarium comparable to metal halide. Pacific Sun lamp has been designed as a pendant lamp for open aquariums. It must not be used in enclosed aquariums below the canopy.


Size/power and coverage area

Models with 145W LED panels made in SMT technology(called Metis Hyperion S):                                             

  • Metis Hyperion S 2x145W - cover area up to 125x70x70cm
  • Metis Hyperion S 3x145W - cover area up to 165x70x70cm
  • Metis Hyperion S 4x145W - cover area up to 225x70x70cm

Models with 75W LED panels made in SMT technology (called Metis Hyperion S2):

  • Metis Hyperion S2 2x75W - cover area up to 115x60x60cm
  • Metis Hyperion S2 3x75W - cover area up to 155x60x60cm
  • Metis Hyperion S2 4x75W - cover area up to 210x60x60cm
  • Available in colors: pearlwhite(default) and anthracit.

Light spectrum and used LED'S are the same in Hyperion S and Hyperion S2 LED Panels. Only different between them is overall power.

LED panels

The Hyperion S/S2 (SMT) panel includes the following LED colors:

  • UV (400 and 420nm) - Made for Pacific Sun
  • Royal Blue 450nm - Cree
  • Royal Blue 465nm - Cree
  • Blue - Cree
  • Cyan - Made for Pacific Sun
  • Green - Cree
  • Amber - Made for Pacific Sun
  • Deep Red - Made for Pacific Sun

General Specifications:

  • Size:  850x130x50mm(two LED panels); 1250x130x50mm(three LED panels) ; 1650x130x50mm (four LED panels)
  • 9 independent LED channels
  • LED panels: 145 watts/75 watts
  • Light coverage: see above
  • "Shallow Water" LED panel technology without the use of any white diodes specially designed for optimal coral growth according to Pacific Sun.
  • Built-in light controller that can be accessed wirelessly via bluetooth. The fixture also includes a backlit blue LCD Display. Users can simulate sunrise / sunset, clouds, weather special programs, etc.
  • Supported software: Win 7/Xp/8, Mac OS X, Android
  • External control (PWM or 1-10V signal) - on request
  • "Ultra Quiet" 80mm fans controlled by a temperature sensor.
  • Mounting: Hanging kits or Pacific Sun "Spider" mount